Tuesday, September 30, 2014

10 Properties And Benefits Of Star Fruit For Health And Beauty

The benefits of Carambola Fruit - Fruit starfruit is one type of fruit that have properties and benefits very much. Benefits can include star fruit in terms of health and beauty. Fruit that has a green and yellow color and has a slightly sour taste turns sweet mix contains many substances, vitamins and minerals and fluids that function in maintaining the stability of the human body.
If you have a star fruit tree in the house, and often consume this fruit, but you do not understand what are the benefits in terms of health and kecantiakan hence in this paper we will membagikanya the friend of all.

 Here are 10 benefits and efficacy of star fruit for health and beauty:

1 . Star fruit mengadung some vitamins which gives the effect of shrinking pores on the skin of humans . Vitamins contained in fruits are Vitamin C and VitaminA. Vitamins C and A will give effect to the skin freshness and rejuvenation of aging skin .
2 . Keeping the immune system , star fruit found in many liquid ions act as a substitute for the missing body after activity
3 . Prevent the occurrence of cancer
4 . Overcoming lack of appetite , star fruit is rich in viatmin A and retinol which functions in stimulating appetite in humans
5 . Treating Hypertension disease
6 . Reducing sugar levels in the body , especially for people with diabetes , it is recommended to consume plenty of fruit Starfruit
7 . Freshen breath and heal canker sores
8 . Digestive system because it contains a lot of liquid in the leatherback
9 . Reduce heat in the body , for those of you who suffer from hay fever may be the star fruit as a natural remedy for fever quickly .
10 . Treating blackheads and pimples on the skin .

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