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10 Facts And Benefits Of The Mangosteen Fruit For Health Benefits

10 Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit For Health - After centuries of world health, pengobata (pharmacy) were surprised by the new discoveries that continue menagalami modifications, especially in the areas of health and treatment of natural fruit extract. One of the pieces that have the properties most commonly found in the mangosteen fruit. This fruit has the highest content of antioxidants, these antioxidants were able to cure various chronic diseases and deadly macama, preventing berkemabnganya arise and bad bacteria in the human body. If you are accustomed to eating mangosteen fruit then it's time you know 10 facts for the health benefits of the mangosteen fruit body.

 Mangosteen Fruit

1. Mangosteen fruit is beneficial for meyembuhkan and prevent various types of cancer, like: (Colon cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, etc.)
2. Mangosteen fruit efficacious in dissolving kidney stones
3. Meyembuhkan disease hypertension (high blood pressure)
4. Cure shortness of breath (asthma)
5. Counteract free radicals that enter the body when the activity
6. Lowering blood sugar levels, the bias is as old age or disease cholesterol high sugar levels will attack you. Mangosteen fruit can be a natural drug that you must try in lowering your cholesterol levels, although it was sweet but not mangosteen segnifikan effect on sugar levels but is able to prevent and decrease excess cholesterol in the body.
7. Salurang launched a pee, pee meyembuhkan stone.
8. Able to restore the elasticity of blood vessels in patients with heart disease. Returns elasticity will prevent heart disease in humans
9. The mangosteen fruit is able menyembuhlan bronchitis sufferers
10.Mangosteen fruit visrus efficacious in suppressing the development of tuberculosis and patients meyembuhkan Tuber Colosis quickly.

Dissect The Efficacy And Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Health

Dissecting the Benefits and Efficacy Soursop Leaf Body For Health - Soursop fruit is a lot of benefits. Soursop leaf viewed from outside it appears just like any other ordinary leaves. But soursop leaves is believed to cure cancer and some other diseases. This time in Ternukil Blog will Dissecting Efficacy Soursop Leaf For Body Health. Okay yes continue to refer to my article in Ternukil blog this time.

Previously let let's first discuss what the hell soursop leaves the womb? Soursop leaves contains fructose, glucose, and other substances that are useful to kill cancer cells in the body.

 Soursop Leaf

1. Soursop leaves Prevent Cancer
Soursop leaves could prevent cancer. Quite easy, take 10 soursop leaves, then wash clean. Then soursop leaves boiled in 3 cups water to boil. Soursop leaves boiled water to drink it regularly every day, 2 cups per day.

2. Curing Gout
Other benefits of soursop leaves which are able to cure gout. The trick is quite simple, as in preventing cancer, drinking enough soursop leaves boiled water regularly every day.

3. Improving Immune
Soursop leaves is also beneficial to boost the immunity or the immune system. Drink soursop leaves boiled water every day to keep our immune system.

Efficacy And Benefits Of a Red Dragon Fruit For Health

 Efficacy and Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit For Health Body - Dragon Fruit is a unique piece , shaped like a dragon with a leather -like dragon scales , it is also a lot of benefits . The dragon fruit originally came from Mexico , Central America , and South America , but are now widely cultivated in Asian countries such as Vietnam , the Philippines , Malaysia , Indonesia and even our country . So , what are the benefits of a red dragon fruit for health ? Well , now I will discuss at this time Ternukil blog .
Before we discuss more about its benefits , we should first discuss what the hell is in the content of this dragon fruit ? Behind the unique shape of dragon fruit , it is also saves a lot of content that is beneficial for our body . In one point there dragon fruit contains among others : Sugar Levels 13-18 brik , 90.20 % water , 11.5 g carbohydrate , 0.53 g protein , acid 0139 g , Fiber 0.71 g , 8.7 mg Phosphorus , Magnesium 60.4 mg , 134.5 mg of Calcium , Vitamin C 9.4 mg . Hemm , it also contains quite a lot of this dragon fruit ? Let us consider just the Red Dragon Fruit Benefits For Body Health .

Red Dragon Fruit

1 . Caring for Skin Health
Dragon fruit has some substances that are beneficial to skin health care . Vitamin C is in dragon fruit can refresh our body skin conditions . The trick is to take 1 dragon fruit and peel the skin , then blend until smooth . Take the juice of water and rubbed on the skin of our body , the rest can be drunk as juice .

2 . Inhibiting Aging
Such as kiwi fruit and watermelon , dragon fruit also contains antioxidants which can prevent premature aging . The content contained on dragon fruit can protect our body from toxins or pollutants . For those reasons, dragon fruit is also beneficial for treating skin naturally .

3 . Strengthen Bones and Teeth
Other benefits dragon fruit is that it can strengthen bones and teeth . The content of phosphorus and calcium were higher in dragon fruit can strengthen bones and teeth . With frequent eating dragon fruit you can prevent a potential osteoporosis .

4 . Improving Immune
Dragon fruit contains Vitamin C which is quite high , Vitamin C serves to improve our immune system. Then it is advisable for children to consume in the future growth of this dragon fruit .

5 . Caring for Eye Health
Useful addition to Boost Immune , the benefits of dragon fruit also can take care of eye health . The content of beta- carotene which is quite high in the dragon fruit can help maintain healthy eyes . It is advisable to consume red dragon fruit for health care for your eyes .

6 . Lowering Cholesterol Levels
Red dragon fruit has a content that can lower cholesterol in the blood . Highly recommended eating dragon fruit to lower the bad cholesterol in the body .



HIV ( Human Immuno - Devesiensi ) is a virus that only live in the human body , which can damage the human immune power .

AIDS ( Immuno - Deviensi Acguired Syndromer ) is a collection of symptoms decrease symptoms immune system to attack the disease from outside .


People who have the AIDS virus will become carriers and transmitters of AIDS during his lifetime , although do not feel sick and look healthy . AIDS is also said to be a dangerous disease because until now there is no cure or vaccine that can prevent the AIDS virus . In addition, people infected with the AIDS virus will experience mental distress and mental suffering because most of the people around him will excommunicate or away from it. And the suffering it will increase again due to the high cost of treatment . Another danger that AIDS is declining immune system . So the disease is usually not harmful will cause illness or even death .

Symptoms of AIDS

Since the first person infected with the HIV virus , then the virus will live in the body , but the person does not show symptoms of the disease but look how healthy , active , productive as usual . Because the symptoms of AIDS appear after 3 months + . The symptoms of AIDS itself is :

    Weight loss will decrease significantly .
    Prolonged fever ( more than 38 0C )
    Enlargement of the gland ( the neck ) , diketiak , and groin ) which arise without a cause .
    Prolonged diarrhea or diarrhea .
    The emergence of a bluish red blotches on the skin ( skin cancer or Kaposi SARKOM ) .
    Shortness of breath and cough are prolonged .
    Sores that do not heal .

All of it is the symptoms that can be seen in AIDS patients , which will eventually end in death .

Transmission of AIDS

Previous AIDS virus is not easily transmitted influenza virus . We're not too alienating Usak or away from people with AIDS , because AIDS will not be transmitted in a way - the way as below :

    Living at home with AIDS ( origin not hold sexual intercourse ) .
    Touched or shaking hands with an infected person .
    Contact with clothing and other used goods AIDS patients .
    Eating and drinking .
    Mosquitoes and other insect bites .
    Equally swim in the pool

The things above is not the cause of the spread of AIDS can occur through the following ways :

    sexual intercourse with someone who has HIV
    Transfusion of blood containing HIV virus
    Through syringes , acupuncture , tattooing , and piercing tools are already in use people infected by AIDS
    Prenatal relationship , namely the transfer of the virus from pregnant mothers who suffered from AIDS virus to the fetus .


    Those who frequent sexual intercourse outside of marriage , such as male and female prostitutes and their clients .
    Those who have a sexual partner stout example : Homo sex ( intercourse with other men ) , Bisexual ( sexual intercourse with other women ) , Shemale and pimps .
    Recipients of blood transfusions
    Babies born to mothers suffering from the AIDS virus .
    Injection drug addicts .
    Couple of people with AIDS


    Avoid sexual intercourse outside marriage . Try only one person dealing with sexual partners , do not relate to other people .
    Use condoms for high risk when having sexual intercourse .
    Mothers whose blood was examined and found to contain a virus , should not be pregnant . Because it will move the AIDS virus to her fetus .
    High risk groups recommended to become a blood donor .
    The use of needles and other tools ( acupuncture , tattooing , piercing ) must be guaranteed sterilizing .

The efforts to do the government in an effort to prevent the transmission of AIDS is, for example : giving counseling or information to the entire community of all some thing related to AIDS , which is open through seminars , through the distribution of brochures or posters associated with AIDS , or through advertisements in various media both print and media elektronik.penyuluhan or information is done continuously and sustainably , to all levels of society , so that people can know the dangers seluarh AIDS , thus trying to avoid everything that could cause the AIDS virus .


Efforts were made ​​also infected with the AIDS virus called the implementation of new treatment strategies . In the treatment of HIV / AIDS is very important to know the dynamics of HIV , as well as the course of disease ( pathogenesis ) so it can take action and timely treatment .

Some hope and good news can be noted from the meetings " Van Couver " in Canada is currently quite a lot of anti-HIV drugs are effective for the treatment of the combination . Several protease inhibitors and anti- HIV drugs currently in the final stages to get permission . In addition there are also checks " Viral loard " the process is easier in the detection of HIV RNA in the blood . And all the above efforts should be back by the motivation of people with AIDS itself. For example, for those who belong to a group at high risk of AIDS always check blood regularly , at least 3-6 months , for the safety of their sexual partners . And no less important is to draw closer to God Almighty . That is by carrying out acts of worship are ordered and trying to stay away from all that is forbidden , so that the suffering is felt not too heavy . And for the people should not avoid isolating those infected with AIDS , but should give encouragement or enthusiasm for life , for example through the advice bisamenumbuhkan confidence , so that those who have AIDS virus does not live his life in despair .

With the above efforts , undoubtedly the AIDS problem can be solved , at least can not be prevented as early as possible , especially if there is participation of all parties .


WHO ( World healty Organisation)

WHO reports that since mid-1995 , the cumulative number of AIDS patients as much as 20 million . 18.5 million adults with half of whom are women , and 1.5 million are children . 50 % of people with AIDS are young people / young people in the age group 15-24 years .

Since January 1, 1996 WHA reported number of AIDS patients as many as 41 million HIV / AIDS in the world . With 35.4 million adolescents and adults , jutawanita 15.5 , and 5.6 million children . Whereas for 2000 the WHO estimates that the number will reach 30-40 million HIV and AIDS number 12-18 million .


Pandemic of HIV / AIDS regonal asia in 1994 found 3745 cumulative AIDS , while already estimated at more than 2 jura from 11 countries including Indonesia , and the amount will be 3.5 million in 1995 .

ICEBERG syndroma

Syndroma iceberg is more frightening the world , due to the discovery of HIV through blood tests efidemilogi the spread of HIV in the community will be 100-1000 times more . While the means already found one AIDS- infected people there 100-8000 . From the data found , HIV AIDS can be exposed to anyone , either the poor , the rich , high -and low -educated , men and women and sabagainya .

Currently AIDS infection in women is increasing rapidly , since women are the groups of low and easily infected without realizing it . While children born to mothers with HIV , after the age of 2 years have started to show the largest HIV 30-40 % .


    We should always be closer to God Almighty , and trying to avoid the things that can cause AIDS .
    Do not have sexual relations outside of marriage ( commit adultery ) , and do not have multiple sexual partners .
    When treated by using a syringe , then make sure first that it is a sterile syringe or not .
    When doing a blood transfusion , first blood transfusion perikasakan whether it is free of the HIV virus .
    For the younger generation , stay away from illegal drugs , especially narcotics through a syringe , tattoo equipment , piercing earrings , and the like that could transmit AIDS , because the tools were not there gunanya.dan aeperti refrain from promiscuity that is negative .
    If there are seminars , counseling , or advertising brochures , which mengimpormasikan about AIDS , we should pay attention to denganbaik , so that everything about AIDS can be known , so that we can avoid an early age of AIDS .
    People who know themselves to have been infected with the AIDS virus should use a condom when having sexual intercourse , so that the AIDS virus is not transmitted to a sex partner .