Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Facts About the Pill Side Effects

 Is it true that birth control pills can make me fat ? What yes Pill can make acne free skin ? We as women seem to need the certainty of these myths yes , Ladies . That's why Vemale then try to find an answer by asking directly to a medical expert , dr . Reino Rambey , Sp . OG . Here's his answer , Ladies . Is it true that birth control pills can make your skin acne free ? There are different types of birth control pills . Abortion is also a wide variety of hormones . Birth control pills that contain only Ciproterone acetate has anti androgenic effect which is able to prevent acne . Is it true that birth control pills can make you gain weight ? Birth control pills containing the hormone progesterone which increases appetite . In addition , birth control pills also have the ability to convert excess calories into the body to be converted into fat under the skin . So that users unwittingly pill containing the hormone progesterone to eat more than the body needs . To avoid obesity in Pill users , it is recommended to manage your diet and exercise regularly . What are the side effects of taking birth control pills in a longer period of time ? Each pill has side effects vary . Depending on its content . Side effects that appeared imminent when there is a reaction that does not match the patient's body . Because the doses contained in small quantities , so it is safe to consume in the long term even up to tens of years . Well, that was the answers given by dr . Reino Rambey , Sp . OG of . It turns out that given the effects of birth control pills on the body depends on the content of the pill itself yes , Ladies . He added that you can call in an obstetrician 's office if you want to know more details on the content and effects of this pill . Hope it helps .

This is What Causes Someone Died For Overworked

Still fresh in our ears about the sad news of Mita Diran that was widely circulated . In addition condolences , there are things to be learned from this incident , which is like a message Mita own , know your limits . No need to over-exert themselves in the work , just do the best we can do and just waiting for the results of our hard work . Maybe some of you are wondering, how the hell actually work stress or fatigue can make someone who works in the office sick or even die ? To help answer your curiosity , we have tried to put that question to a medical expert from Meet Doctor dr . Zahroh Elvikri and here are the answers from him . " In some cases patients who previously had a disease such as asthma , congenital heart disease , etc. , will be susceptible to worsening of the condition of the body due to job stress than healthy people , " said dr . Zahroh . Ladies However , this does not then mean people who do not have congenital disease yes safe . It seems everyone has a risk . Well , the important thing is how we attempt to minimize the risk by living a healthier lifestyle .

Detox, Healthy Living Natural Way Without Drugs

Detox is a hot topic for discussion at this time . Detox is believed to be the best way to live a healthy life . However, many people who want to do a detox , but do not know how. On the other hand , not a few who think that the ritual is just a routine medical detox , which is no different from other health methods . In fact , to achieve success when running a detox , high self-discipline required . Detox process that in some people felt uncomfortable actually be a beneficial effect . Complaints such as headaches , insomnia , fatigue , fever , and anger will disappear immediately . Most important to note , the more we feel tortured when running detox programs , the more toxins are removed from the body . It is necessary in this process is patience , so that we get through to the finish .

Toxins that accumulate in the body is the accumulation of diet and bad habits that have lasted for years . By running a disciplined and intensive detox , the body will secrete a variety of these toxins . Just practice detox properly and patiently , change our behavior , correct habits , as well as enough rest time . While doing a detox we will learn how to control the mind , in order to change the conditions of hormonal imbalance . Hormones are the chemical elements that control our bodies . The key to successful change behavior and habits is to control the mind , not with drugs . According Riani Susanto ND , CT , detox is an integrated healing method that has been done since hundreds of years ago . " Detox can restore the health of the body in terms of physical , emotional , mental to the whole , " he said .