Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Career Tips While Giving Asi Exclusive

Career Tips While Giving Asi Exclusive

Congratulations to you now being blessed with the presence of a new family member. To continue to support the development and growth of your child give exclusive breastfeeding up to the age of your children at least 6 months. You should go back to the office after maternity leave is sometimes a real dilemma because most career women are often faced with exclusive breastfeeding and demands for re-employment.

Often constraints in exclusive breastfeeding is your occupation should share roles outside the home. Yes, being a career woman and must give exclusive breastfeeding should indeed have its own tips so that you can divide and prioritize time to continue to support optimal growth and development.

For your consideration is the breast milk is the best option than formula feeding because breast milk contains nutrients that are so perfect that it can build up and prevent the development of intelligence to various diseases.
These are tips that you can do to divide time employment and breastfeeding:

1 Perform well before you go to work

Prepare ahead of time before you go to work so that makes it familiar. You can make arrangements to provide exclusive breastfeeding while you are pregnant. Arm with knowledge and preparation for lactation during pregnancy.

2 Give exclusive breastfeeding through breastmilk

You can give breastmilk to give three hours expressing milk then insert into the plastic bottle or reservoir ASI.Ketika you will give breastmilk should you create an atmosphere that is calm when going to express milk and then wash your hands to avoid bacteria that get into the milk of dairy . When will express milk, tenmpatkan your hands in the areola with your thumb position opposite to the index finger. You can press a hand to the chest, to follow the flow of milk. Rotate slowly using fingers so that the mammary gland can be depressed and smooth milk.

3 Identify Durability breastmilk

Basically ASI will last at room temperature for 4 hours, while if you want to store it in a little longer you can keep in a thermos refrigerator / freezer that last up to 5 days. For your convenience, when storing breastmilk provide breastmilk collection date label.

4 Schedule time expressing milk

You can express milk in the morning before leaving, then on the sidelines during the rest of your office can be flushed again. Generally, at some office supply room that makes you comfortable but if not available you can use a room that makes you relax. When you kesusuhan express milk by hand, you can use the pump. Note also sterility pumps and bottles that do not pose a threat to the health of your baby. Meanwhile, for those of you who have the time (distance closer home and office) are advised to breast feed directly in between your breaks.

Similarly, a few tips that can help you to breastfeed even though you are busy as a career woman. By giving the executive the breast milk will help in meeting the nutritional intake is maintained. Congratulations breastfeeding tumbug development executive to support your baby.

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