Monday, January 13, 2014

What is HIV & AIDS can be cured ?

What is HIV ?
HIV stands for ' human immunodeficiency virus ' . HIV is a retrovirus that infects cells of the human immune system ( mainly CD4 positive T - cells and macrophages - key components of immune system cells ) , and destroys or impairs their function . Infection with this virus results in a decline in the immune system constantly, which would result in immune deficiency .

What is AIDS ?
AIDS stands for ' acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ' and describes a variety of symptoms and infections associated with the immune system . HIV infection has been ordained as the cause of AIDS . HIV levels in the body and the emergence of a variety of specific infections is an indicator that HIV infection has progressed to AIDS .

What are the symptoms ?
Most people who are infected with HIV do not realize it because there are no symptoms appear soon after the initial infection . Some people have a glandular disorder that causes effects such as fever ( accompanied by high fever , itching , joint pain , and swelling of the spleen ) , which may occur at the time of seroconversion . Seroconversion is the formation of antibodies to HIV that usually occurs between six weeks and three months after infection .
The only way to determine whether HIV is present in a person's body is through an HIV test .

How quickly HIV can develop into AIDS ?
The length can vary from one individual to another individual . With a healthy lifestyle , the time between HIV infection and become ill with AIDS can range between 10-15 years , sometimes even longer. Antiretroviral therapy can slow the progression of AIDS by reducing the amount of virus ( viral load ) in the infected body .

Can it be cured ?
Recent research shows that people with human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV ) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ( AIDS ) can be cured . The key lies in early detection and treatment of HIV immediately after being diagnosed with antiretroviral therapy ( ARV ) .
Chief of the HIV Integrated Services Rumha Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital , Zubairi Djoerban , while conveying the results of the International Conference on AIDS 19th 2012 in Washington DC , United States , last July , in Jakarta , Friday ( 08/03/2012 ) , say , three people living with HIV , each with acute leukemia , Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma , can be recovered.
" After treatment , the HIV virus is not detected at all three , " he said .
In addition to antiretroviral therapy , HIV with acute leukemia also received stem cell transplant ( stem cell ) . After treatment , lost his HIV and leukemia cured .
While people with HIV with a bone marrow transplant lymphoma gets back . Now , they are undergoing a test in order to stop taking medication .
Meanwhile , further Zubairi , there are 14 people living with HIV who recovered functional . " The virus remains in their body , but it can not grow , " he said .
A total of 12 people with HIV who take antiretroviral drugs immediately functional recovery after being diagnosed with HIV . They are taking ARVs for three years .
Now , after seven years of stop taking ARVs , they remain in good health without depending again on ARVs .
The use of antiretroviral drugs in pregnant women also proved able to suppress the transmission of HIV from pregnant mothers to their babies . In the District of Columbia , United States , no longer found infants who contracted HIV from mothers with HIV since 2009 .
The findings in these countries gives hope of an end to the pandemic of HIV and AIDS worldwide .
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