Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Importance of Setting the Diet since Baby

The Importance of Setting the Diet since Baby

As a mom you may feel proud when he saw the body with a healthy baby. Give good habits in your children by providing a healthy diet. Food Combining can make your baby's body to work optimally. Why is that? There are things that must be considered with regard to the child's diet. One of them is the habit of consuming foods containing flavorings, preservatives, and dyes. Baby food which must be reviewed and must be maintained as follows:

1. homemade puree is considered better than the pure in packaging. Pure made ​​by senidri better than pure packaging, in addition to using natural ingredients, cleanliness is assured. However, providing pure packaging in children is also not wrong. Provided you ensure that the material contained in the packaging and there are no preservatives, flavors, added sugar and salt. In addition, always check the expiration date pasa food.

2 Recommend vegetables first before the fruit. Basically humans from birth are more receptive to sweet taste than the other flavors. This happens to a child if the mother introduces fruit-flavored vegetables the child will refuse to eat vegetables that tastes bland. But the mother does not need to be confused introduce vegetables or fruit first in children, just need a little trick to introduce it. For example, vegetables that tend to give a sort of sweet taste of carrots, squash, potatoes and others. If your child is older than 1 year mensiasatinya way is by way of boiled vegetables with a little sugar added. In introducing foods to your baby need to be extra patient, because babies need 15-20 times until he could try new foods.

3 Wait for 1 year old baby stepping to provide egg, fish and peanut butter. Food is often said to be the biggest trigger food allergic infants. However, one study says no evidence of impaired if the family does not have a history of food allergy. But it must still be adjusted with the ability of the digestive system in children. Eggs can be given to children
8 months old, and even then only the egg yolk alone. At the same age the child can also consume fish such as salmon and mackerel. While peanut butter given to children over the age of 1 year, with a thin rub it on the bread so that the child does not choke.

4. rice porridge is the first solid food given to infants. Rice porridge has always been a main food for children. This proved to be at risk of allergies and safe. It does not mean do not choose other foods. You can also mix them with broccoli, red meat with lots of nutrients.

5 Decide feeding schedule. It is very helpful for the child to know when he is hungry or full. After the baby is entering the age of 8 months was the time of the mother who determines the child's feeding schedule.

6. Recommend solid foods at 6 months. It is directly related to digestion in infants to receive other than breast milk intake. Menberikan solid foods before the age of 6 months is at risk of digestive disorders and allergies.

7 Wait 3-4 days before trying another food. Give time to adapt to the taste of food. And to know the baby's allergic reaction to food.

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