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Know Some Psychological Disorders In Children Possible

Know Some Psychological Disorders In Children Possible

Psychological disorders was not only affects adults who incidentally are often faced with various problems and stress that can shake their psychiatric and psychological side. However, the same conditions can also be experienced by the children, which is a psychological disorder can be caused by several factors such as the trauma, genetic factors, habits, or perhaps as a result of the influence of the environment.

Well, for more details we recognize again be some kind of psychological disorder that can afflict children.

1 Mental Retardation

Mental retardation is a type of psychological disorder characterized by ketidakmampaun children to take care of themselves, difficulty communicating and an inability to distinguish the harmful and harmless. Mental retardation condition can be recognized before the child was 17 years old. Generally, the first symptom can be seen from a child's IQ level is low which usually are dibawang IQ 70 children mengindap psychological disorders mental retardation are not able to bathe themselves, feed themselves, tough talk and always in need of a companion on every activity he does.

2 Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that occurs in children who are self-closing conditions. Such disturbances result in children experiencing limitations in terms of communication, behavior and social interaction. Until now the cause of the appearance of the syndrome of autism is not known with certainty. Some experts expressed the condition is caused by muliti factiroal, while some are also no mention as biochemical disorders. Symptoms of autism can be recognized since infancy as eg identified through the eyes focus on just one thing, which is very minimal response to impulses and not react to sound stimuli. While the children were older, usually recognizable by difficulty focusing on one thing, that is when the child does not respond when called, difficulty communicating and doing something over and over again.

3 Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common psychological disorders that can affect children. The main symptom of this disorder is the onset of psychological anxiety, excessive fear and anxiety in children. There are different types of anxiety disorders such as fear is not groundless or without the support of the situations where it is called a phobia. Generalized anxiety disorder which tends to make the children feel worried, anxious about excessive unrealistic, often panic is usually caused by trauma experienced by the child.

4. Asperger Syndrome

Asperger syndrome is a behavioral disorder in children that makes the child withdraws from the crowd, be a loner, not a lot of talk and do not like to play. Generally, children with Asperger's Syndrome will be happy to talk to an adult with an unusual topic. In addition, children with this syndrome show unisex keinginana to have a lot of friends, it's just that they have a tendency to get bored easily so away from their own friends they already have. This makes the children with this syndrome is difficult to find a friend to play. Children who have Asperger's syndrome can be recognized from the nature of the lack of sympathy for others, not sensitive and do not like to hang out and play.

Similarly, some types of psychological disorders that may occur in children. By knowing some of the types of psychological disorders above, is expected to add to your knowledge and insight if some recognizable symptoms of psychological disorders in children, you can take action to bring the child to overcome therapy.

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