Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Facts About the Pill Side Effects

 Is it true that birth control pills can make me fat ? What yes Pill can make acne free skin ? We as women seem to need the certainty of these myths yes , Ladies . That's why Vemale then try to find an answer by asking directly to a medical expert , dr . Reino Rambey , Sp . OG . Here's his answer , Ladies . Is it true that birth control pills can make your skin acne free ? There are different types of birth control pills . Abortion is also a wide variety of hormones . Birth control pills that contain only Ciproterone acetate has anti androgenic effect which is able to prevent acne . Is it true that birth control pills can make you gain weight ? Birth control pills containing the hormone progesterone which increases appetite . In addition , birth control pills also have the ability to convert excess calories into the body to be converted into fat under the skin . So that users unwittingly pill containing the hormone progesterone to eat more than the body needs . To avoid obesity in Pill users , it is recommended to manage your diet and exercise regularly . What are the side effects of taking birth control pills in a longer period of time ? Each pill has side effects vary . Depending on its content . Side effects that appeared imminent when there is a reaction that does not match the patient's body . Because the doses contained in small quantities , so it is safe to consume in the long term even up to tens of years . Well, that was the answers given by dr . Reino Rambey , Sp . OG of . It turns out that given the effects of birth control pills on the body depends on the content of the pill itself yes , Ladies . He added that you can call in an obstetrician 's office if you want to know more details on the content and effects of this pill . Hope it helps .

This is What Causes Someone Died For Overworked

Still fresh in our ears about the sad news of Mita Diran that was widely circulated . In addition condolences , there are things to be learned from this incident , which is like a message Mita own , know your limits . No need to over-exert themselves in the work , just do the best we can do and just waiting for the results of our hard work . Maybe some of you are wondering, how the hell actually work stress or fatigue can make someone who works in the office sick or even die ? To help answer your curiosity , we have tried to put that question to a medical expert from Meet Doctor dr . Zahroh Elvikri and here are the answers from him . " In some cases patients who previously had a disease such as asthma , congenital heart disease , etc. , will be susceptible to worsening of the condition of the body due to job stress than healthy people , " said dr . Zahroh . Ladies However , this does not then mean people who do not have congenital disease yes safe . It seems everyone has a risk . Well , the important thing is how we attempt to minimize the risk by living a healthier lifestyle .

Detox, Healthy Living Natural Way Without Drugs

Detox is a hot topic for discussion at this time . Detox is believed to be the best way to live a healthy life . However, many people who want to do a detox , but do not know how. On the other hand , not a few who think that the ritual is just a routine medical detox , which is no different from other health methods . In fact , to achieve success when running a detox , high self-discipline required . Detox process that in some people felt uncomfortable actually be a beneficial effect . Complaints such as headaches , insomnia , fatigue , fever , and anger will disappear immediately . Most important to note , the more we feel tortured when running detox programs , the more toxins are removed from the body . It is necessary in this process is patience , so that we get through to the finish .

Toxins that accumulate in the body is the accumulation of diet and bad habits that have lasted for years . By running a disciplined and intensive detox , the body will secrete a variety of these toxins . Just practice detox properly and patiently , change our behavior , correct habits , as well as enough rest time . While doing a detox we will learn how to control the mind , in order to change the conditions of hormonal imbalance . Hormones are the chemical elements that control our bodies . The key to successful change behavior and habits is to control the mind , not with drugs . According Riani Susanto ND , CT , detox is an integrated healing method that has been done since hundreds of years ago . " Detox can restore the health of the body in terms of physical , emotional , mental to the whole , " he said .

Monday, March 11, 2013

Doctor Advice To Not Hit Breast Cancer - Angelina Jolie mastectomy performed on both breasts are bold activities undertaken to prevent the cancer eating away his body . Do not want cancer also claimed his life , Jolie take risks as celebrities and public figures lost body parts that are considered very important for women .Although he eventually embed implants for supporting performance in the entertainment world , what Jolie can not be underestimated. We may know that breast cancer is lately quite intense interfere with a woman . Many women have this disease , no one can survive some are eventually lost their lives .Breast cancer is a terrible scourge that could threaten her anytime . You also need to know , genes are not the number one person can cause breast cancer . There are many other causes that sometimes never thought of before .Dr. Susan Love , founder of the Susan Love Research Foundation in Santa Monica , California to give a little advice for women to avoid the threat of breast cancer .always exerciseNo need to wait for sick or overweight to exercise . Make sure that every day you have time to exercise and maintain a BMI under the number 25 . Turned out to factors of obesity also increases the risk of breast cancer , especially if his immune system is weak .80 % of breast cancer cases occur spontaneously , without any relationship to the family tree . So he's like a disease that is being terrorized by random women . You may never have a family history of breast cancer , but you have to stay alert and cautious . Prevention is the first step to a sport that should not take you long .Keeping food intakeYou must intelligently choose what food goes into your stomach . Not only choose foods that are feel-good , know what nutrients it contains , and whether the benefits to the body . If after all the food was only good to eat but not useful , why should be bought ? It could be he will only lead to health problems in the body , right?Prevent cancer , eat healthy foods berantioksidan , which can be obtained from fruits and vegetables .5-year contraceptiveAdvised by doctors Jacqueline Miller from Atlanta to replace contraception once every 5 years . Breast cancer is strongly influenced by the hormone estrogen , which, if the amount is too high, it may help the development of cancer cells .Deodorants do not cause breast cancerCauses of breast cancer today is a bad lifestyle . So , rumors about deodorant that can trigger breast cancer is a myth .Problems that could occur due to irritation caused by deodorant is incompatible materials to the skin .Breast cancer is not an emergencyNo need to panic over when you are convicted of breast cancer . Though dangerous , breast cancer is not the case of an emergency that requires the second relief well .
You should do some research so that details could be considered an alternative treatment is best for you . It is recommended to ask for a second opinion to make sure the condition of your illness . ( vem / bee )