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Why Babies Often Vomiting After Eating?

Why Babies Often Vomiting After Eating?

Often the child's mother complained because it is difficult to eat, to need a way to approach complementary feeding. While some parents actually made ​​a loss because the baby often vomited after eating, when your child is eating in accordance with the appropriate food portions. This is what makes you confused, especially the incident over and over again until a couple of times.

Your child vomiting can be caused by several things, viruses, bacteria to the digestive disorder. This time we will help answer your questions about babies who have received complementary foods often vomit after eating. Here is the explanation, spitter after eating.
Vomiting in Infants

Before you say that your baby is vomiting frequently, sometimes you know in advance that the baby might just spit up. Spit is issued when your baby drinks / foods after breastfeeding or get complementary feeding.
In distinguishing spit up and vomiting is difficult. Spit or in medical language is called regurgitation that occurs due to the movement of stomach contents back direction issued only in the form of liquid saliva. While vomiting is a condition in which your baby is expulsive gastric emptying and generally more spurts. (Read: Why Babies Often Vomiting?)
Causes of Vomiting In Infants

Vomiting experienced by your baby has several possible diagnoses can be caused due to unhealthy condition of the body, viral or bacterial infection, which requires treatment until the disease early. Vomiting is often a sign of a baby having the disease, because there is an obstruction such as vomiting can be distinguished by the form of sprays and vomiting not only spurts but has a greenish color.
Recognize Infant Vomiting After Eating

Babies may not vomit but just spit up, which is the state in which the baby is only just remove fluid from his mouth. The reason is because your baby may satiation or meal time is too fast so baby difficulty in swallowing. Whereas when the baby frequently (more than 3 times) in the state finished eating and then throwing up a good idea to consult a physician to see his condition. To avoid gastric ulcer disease or Granitis or food poisoning commonly occurs 1-8 hours after eating.
How to Stop Vomiting In Infants

In general, there is no way to stop the vomiting but can minimize the amount. Overly full stomach reflux can be so for babies who are introduced to complementary foods should be given in the amount / small portions first. After the meal you can make your child's first burp so as to reduce vomiting.
You do not need to worry because with age then your child will reduce vomiting because conditions have been able to receive more food.

Thus for those of you who often experience the condition of children who vomited after every meal you should recognize other symptoms to avoid serious health problems in your child, the doctor can help you to provide a diagnosis.

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