Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Facts About the Pill Side Effects

 Is it true that birth control pills can make me fat ? What yes Pill can make acne free skin ? We as women seem to need the certainty of these myths yes , Ladies . That's why Vemale then try to find an answer by asking directly to a medical expert , dr . Reino Rambey , Sp . OG . Here's his answer , Ladies . Is it true that birth control pills can make your skin acne free ? There are different types of birth control pills . Abortion is also a wide variety of hormones . Birth control pills that contain only Ciproterone acetate has anti androgenic effect which is able to prevent acne . Is it true that birth control pills can make you gain weight ? Birth control pills containing the hormone progesterone which increases appetite . In addition , birth control pills also have the ability to convert excess calories into the body to be converted into fat under the skin . So that users unwittingly pill containing the hormone progesterone to eat more than the body needs . To avoid obesity in Pill users , it is recommended to manage your diet and exercise regularly . What are the side effects of taking birth control pills in a longer period of time ? Each pill has side effects vary . Depending on its content . Side effects that appeared imminent when there is a reaction that does not match the patient's body . Because the doses contained in small quantities , so it is safe to consume in the long term even up to tens of years . Well, that was the answers given by dr . Reino Rambey , Sp . OG of . It turns out that given the effects of birth control pills on the body depends on the content of the pill itself yes , Ladies . He added that you can call in an obstetrician 's office if you want to know more details on the content and effects of this pill . Hope it helps .

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