Wednesday, December 25, 2013

This is What Causes Someone Died For Overworked

Still fresh in our ears about the sad news of Mita Diran that was widely circulated . In addition condolences , there are things to be learned from this incident , which is like a message Mita own , know your limits . No need to over-exert themselves in the work , just do the best we can do and just waiting for the results of our hard work . Maybe some of you are wondering, how the hell actually work stress or fatigue can make someone who works in the office sick or even die ? To help answer your curiosity , we have tried to put that question to a medical expert from Meet Doctor dr . Zahroh Elvikri and here are the answers from him . " In some cases patients who previously had a disease such as asthma , congenital heart disease , etc. , will be susceptible to worsening of the condition of the body due to job stress than healthy people , " said dr . Zahroh . Ladies However , this does not then mean people who do not have congenital disease yes safe . It seems everyone has a risk . Well , the important thing is how we attempt to minimize the risk by living a healthier lifestyle .

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