Friday, November 2, 2012

Stress Menegement

Everyone would never escape from stress because stress is a reaction of your body to the environment that has a function to protect yourself and part of the body pertahahan system that keeps you survive. Some of the reactions that arise from stress are:

Physical reactions: headache, heart palpitations, cold hands and loss of appetite
Reaction properties: irritable, angry, anxious, and pessimistic
Cognitive reactions: negative thoughts, difficulty concentrating, difficulty thinking realistically
Reaction attitudes: a sleeper, quiet, rude, and do not like to hang out

The number of adverse reactions arising from the stress makes you obliged to minimize the impact of such stress. Many ways you can do to avoid stress, one of them by knowing the source of stress and good stress management.You need to know what the source of stress because then you will be easy to overcome. Some factors that may be causing you stress, such as an unhealthy lifestyle, the food, the demands of work, household, economic problems, and others.Stress management is the human ability to cope with mental and emotional disorders that arise in life. Then, if the purpose of the stress management? The purpose of the application of stress management is to improve and enhance the quality of human life for the better and focused.Some stress management that you can apply are as follows:

    Always think positive
    Set the pattern for rest and sleep patterns are quite
    Start making priorities
    Avoid being a perfectionist
    Routine exercise
    Set a good diet, avoiding food triggers stress
    To reduce body tension and brain, it never hurts to listen to music
    Doing some good and productive habits, for example: add insight to read, add friends, increase control over your thoughts, control your emotions, maintaining stamina, and others.
    Improving social sensitivity
    Positive hobbies, such as fishing, swimming, keeping pets, and others.
    Vacation and leisure to fun places
    Many pray

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