Friday, November 2, 2012

Determining The Stress Level

Before you ask about how your stress level? It's good if you know what is the real stress? Stress is a response of the body against Yanga da surrounding environment. Everyone can not avoid stress because stress is a part of human life. However, to reduce the impact of stress, you can manage stress well.

Actually, is there any way to gauge how your stress level? Stress disorder usually appear suddenly and it was unclear when starting up so often someone does not realize it. For those trying to divide experts stress level in several steps in each stage will show some of the symptoms experienced by a person, including the following:

1. Stress level I
This stage is the most mild stress level, with the following symptoms:
• The spirit of the
• sharper vision
• Extra Energy

2. Stress level II
In this stage the impact of stress level I start to disappear and raised some complaints following:
• Tired, tired all day
• Disorders of the digestive system
• Heart palpitations
• Feeling tense the muscles of the back and neck

3. Stress level III
At this stage of tiredness and fatigue will be increased and is accompanied by symptoms:
• bowel disorders
• Muscles feel more tense
• The feeling of growing tension
• Sleep disorders
• Feels like fainting
If you are at this level, it should immediately consult a doctor.

4. Stress level IV
This stage someone has shown a worse condition such as:
• Difficult to get along
• Lack of sleep
• Negative thoughts
• Concentrations decreased
• Haunted by fear

5. Stress level V
This stage includes the level is quite difficult for people with symptoms:
• Disorders of the digestive system
• Tired of the heavy
• Not able to work
• Fear and panic

6. Stress level VI
This stage is the top level with the symptoms:
• Heart palpitations
• shortness of breath
• Body shaking, cold body, sweat pouring
• Do not powered

From the above, you can deduce how your stress level?

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