Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why Exercise Is Important For You

We've often heard that exercise is very important for health. Sports form of physical activity done regularly claimed to support the growth of the physical, psychological sense and in a healthy manner, and increase self confidence. So, exactly why exercise is important to you?
As we know, with the passage of time and aging, chronic diseases often come uninvited. Chronic diseases can be diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity jantungm disease, and others. Therefore, it is needed antidote to prevent the arrival of chronic diseases. Surefire antidote in the form of exercise and a healthy diet. Thus, exercise is important to you.
Sports is important for the body and mind simultaneously. Exercise can improve brain function and assist the arrival of oxygen to the brain. So that the brain can also carry out their duties effectively. People who exercise regularly can have a strong memory that is prevented from aging disease. This is because exercise can pump blood to the brain.
Exercise can help you avoid stress. In fact, exercise can cure headaches (migrants) because exercise can stabilize our emotional, such as walking. Additionally, as we grow older, such as 30 years of age, the organs in the human body starts to deteriorate. However, the exercise done regularly can make the heart healthy in the long term. In addition, exercise can also enable the production of hormone GH usually begins to decline after a man aged 0 years.
For office workers, regular exercise is necessary. That's because it often works in the long term. It resulted in builders back exhausted from work. So that the required special training for bones, back, and hips. Specific exercises can help fight fatigue and pain. It can also strengthen the muscles of the spine. Exercise done regularly can strengthen the heart, so avoid heart disease that often affects the elderly. Judging from this, of course, become increasingly clear why exercise is important to you?

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