Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dissect The Efficacy And Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Health

Dissecting the Benefits and Efficacy Soursop Leaf Body For Health - Soursop fruit is a lot of benefits. Soursop leaf viewed from outside it appears just like any other ordinary leaves. But soursop leaves is believed to cure cancer and some other diseases. This time in Ternukil Blog will Dissecting Efficacy Soursop Leaf For Body Health. Okay yes continue to refer to my article in Ternukil blog this time.

Previously let let's first discuss what the hell soursop leaves the womb? Soursop leaves contains fructose, glucose, and other substances that are useful to kill cancer cells in the body.

 Soursop Leaf

1. Soursop leaves Prevent Cancer
Soursop leaves could prevent cancer. Quite easy, take 10 soursop leaves, then wash clean. Then soursop leaves boiled in 3 cups water to boil. Soursop leaves boiled water to drink it regularly every day, 2 cups per day.

2. Curing Gout
Other benefits of soursop leaves which are able to cure gout. The trick is quite simple, as in preventing cancer, drinking enough soursop leaves boiled water regularly every day.

3. Improving Immune
Soursop leaves is also beneficial to boost the immunity or the immune system. Drink soursop leaves boiled water every day to keep our immune system.

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